Let’s Talk Skin Care: My Skin Care Routine


Let me put this out there: I am obsessed with skin care. I come from a history of really bad skin. I mean, seriously, I was a pimple with a face in my teen years. This spell of bad skin spilled over to my 20s and into my 30s, till I found the skin care center that knew how to handle my problems. As a makeup artist, I really have to set an example. I always say good skin is the best canvas and I … [Read more...]

The Call of The Ink: Getting Tattooed


I got my first tattoo at 19 years old. I waited in line for 2 days at Star City, when one of the top tattoo artists of the country, Joe Saliendra, held a temporary booth there outside his usual area of Parañaque. Every tattoo I have has a tale. This one was to mark my realization that friendship was more sacred than infatuation. #deepnaman I picked sunflowers because to me they meant hope … [Read more...]

#EpicRide: A Horse and His Boy by Trumpets


"Once a king and queen of Narnia, always a king and queen of Narnia." This line is something I will never forget, and something that holds true for all of us Trumpets Narnians to this day. In my previous life as a theater actor, I had the privilege of being in the cast of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. I can't think of Aslan without choking up even just a little bit. So when teasers … [Read more...]

Warning, #Hugot Post Ahead: Forty and Dating

Oh dating. No matter what age or status, it is always a hot topic and is always something that conjures up all sorts of feelings that border on irrational and nonsense. Romance. Love. Attraction. Universal. I therefore conclude that all humans are insane when it comes to relationships. I have not had the best of experiences when it comes to men. Don't get me wrong. They're all pretty decent … [Read more...]

Have A Drink With Me on “Moms At Midnight”!

So I've been busy. Not just with work (thank you Lord!) but with a passion project called BetterMe.Ph. The brains behind BetterMe is Kris of OcMomInManila.Com, a dear friend and colleague whose motherhood journey and personal growth I have been privileged to observe through our many years of being friends. I am lucky enough to have been dragged into the BetterMe project along with her and I … [Read more...]

The Chevy Trailblazer and our #TitasGoneWild Roadtrip


So Chevy handed me the keys to a Trailblazer 4x2 SUV over the long weekend. It's the meanest thing anyone's done to me in a while. Wanna know why? Because I love this dang car. And now it's gone. If you saw this picture on my IG, I'm telling you guys, the struggle was real. Basti wanted to set up camp at the back of the car and live there forever. But let me tell you why. Before I do … [Read more...]

Big School Blues

Over the weekend, Basti labored over three pieces of bond paper. He drew a few figures on one with marking pens, drew a banana on another and cut it out, and fashioned the third piece of paper into an envelope with markers and tape. It wasn't very "good" but it was creative and imaginative and I admired his effort into making it. I asked Basti what it was, and he said, "it's a thank you card for … [Read more...]

Traveling Tokyo


Before I make kwento about my recent trip to Tokyo, I have to tell you guys what kind of traveler I am. I don't take a lot of pictures (exception: Tibet. That place is too beautiful for words) I avoid hotels. I like to stay in the "local" districts. I linger in one city for days or weeks. I eat a lot. I shop a lot. I'm a "pulse" traveler. I like getting the feel of the area and … [Read more...]

Lee Kum Kee Asked Me to Do a Recipe Share (And Other Weird Tales)


So let's make one thing clear: I am not a cook. I CAN cook but I have absolutely no love or passion for the art of cooking. I cook for survival and because I love to eat, I make sure that everything I cook is good. But I don't like it. I really don't. I will give that corona to my brother, the chef. And so when Lee Kum Kee asked me to come in for an afternoon of recipe sharing with a bunch of … [Read more...]

Down South: Wilson’s Place and Balay Indang


Right after I got through the flurry of the last days of school, enrolling Basti and preparing him for his vacation in Cebu, I took off for the weekend for some much needed decompression time. Since Basti was gone for his vacation and a friend I asked to tag along couldn't make it, I was left alone to just chill and relax. The destination? Wilson's Place in Tagaytay. Thank you Raquel for inviting … [Read more...]